Say hello to MeetingsPro, your ultimate meetings management software.

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Say hello to MeetingsPro, your ultimate meetings management software

Award-winning technology giving meeting organisers full control over their business meetings; making life a whole lot easier.

Things we think you might like (and we’re pretty proud of):
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Live availability.

View live rates and availability for venues. No more waiting for email responses, get venue rates when you find the perfect venue
All the details in one place, instantly  
Meetings planners can see rates and availability instantly. No scrolling through and comparing chains of emails, just you, MeetingsPro and all available options, listed side by side.
People sat on a yellow sofa having an informal meetingSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing live availability

Instant book.

Book meetings online, without delay.
Meetings made easy
Its time to say goodbye to delays and secure your meeting space in seconds by simply dropping in the essential details and hitting submit, it's that easy.

All of this without picking up the phone or dropping us an email (though you're missing out on some awesome conversation).
Person on the train looking at a smart watchSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing a booked meeting

Self manage.

Connecting planners directly with a venue but keeping all rates and term benefits that we offer.
The perfect tool for simple meetings
From searching and booking to cancelling and amending - self manage simple meetings yourself, knowing that our teams are there to back you up if needed.
Person on yellow sofa wearing a yellow jumper stretching up into the airSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing a meeting booking and amendment


Everything starts with data. Gain valuable insights with MeetingsPro's powerful data dashboard for the ultimate meetings optimisation tool.
Meetings insights at your fingertips
Recognise savings and trends through a dashboard of current and historic enquiries. Our reporting tools help you make informed decisions and be more strategic with your meetings.
Two people smiling at one another in a meetingSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing reporting capability

Sustainable meetings

Identify ‘green’, sustainable venues and pull CO2 emissions MI reports through a powerful online dashboard.
Helping to keep things green
Our clever tech can instantly pick out those environmentally-friendly venues, while you smoothly navigate the easy-to-use dashboard to produce CO2 emission reports to help aid your decision-making.

All the while you'll be backed up by our sustainable events-trained events experts.
Outside view of a hotel with yellow curtains on balconiesSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing sustainable venue choices

Policy Integration

Mandate and reflect your company policies at every stage of the booking journey.
Making it easier
As you are able to view the continuously live data throughout the booking process, our innovative software helps make your task at hand so much easier by ensuring you follow all your company policies and directives.
People in a meeting around laptops and paperworkSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing policy control and integration

Travel time

See venue options ranked by the time it takes to get there rather than having to source this information through other websites or platforms.

So, if there's a pesky lake in the way, we account for going around it (unless you fancy going for a dip).
Person walking down a shopping highstreet with a yellow suitcaseSnippet of MeetingsPro technology showing travel time to meeting venue
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