The benefits of a public sector framework for travel, meetings and events.

We�ve got a long track record of working with public sector organisations that have often had their diverse objectives met through a framework agreement.

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We've got a long track record of working with public sector organisations that have often had their diverse objectives and challenges met through a framework agreement - tight budgets, savings, duty of care, social value, traveller wellbeing and policy improvements - to name a few. But there's more to love about frameworks, so here's a whistle-stop tour of the benefits and why we think you should consider one for your public sector travel, meetings and events needs.

1. Quick and easy, without skipping quality.Public sector organisations often want to get moving and meeting without undergoing lengthy contract negotiations and through direct award, frameworks offer an easy way to start working with a supplier on pre-agreed terms and conditions that provide a standardised model across all approved framework suppliers. Choosing a capable and approved supplier from a framework agreement without reopening competition can also save valuable time and avoids costs associated with your own in-house travel knowledge.

2. The tender has been taken care of. The beauty of public sector frameworks is that the due diligence work has already been taken care of, meaning a chosen supplier can get to work and concentrate on meeting objectives without delay. Public sector frameworks offer central government, wider public sector and third sector organisations an approved, convenient and efficient way to market. When we bid to be accepted onto a framework, we're expected to meet rigorous regulations, meaning organisations know that certain standards have been met. Procurement teams save time and resource identifying and negotiating with suppliers, meaning the savings can start before the first trip or meeting is even booked. The tender process keeps us suppliers on our toes too. There's no guarantee that a TMC will be approved based on previous awards. We need to meet the requirements of the framework at that time, so we're always pushing ourselves to improve our services and solutions. Whether that's meeting enhanced CSR requirements or improving travel technology like online booking tools, mobile apps or traveller tracking tools.

3. Backed by framework buying power. Frameworks help to combine the buying power of individual public sector organisations that have access to a service. The buying power of a framework helps to keep fees low and competitive, opening up opportunities for savings through favourable government rates that might not be available to smaller organisations with lower travel volumes. No matter the size, framework customers will all see the same level of service.

4. Industry experience. A history of appearing on frameworks isn't a marker for making it onto the next but the expertise that we build while servicing our public sector customers is invaluable for supporting organisations that have similar requirements. Some travel experts like Clarity have a long history of working with public sector organisations. We've been accepted onto many previous travel frameworks and have built up vast experience, technology and operational infrastructure to meet the demands of bookers and travellers. In fact, one-third of our customer portfolio is made up of public sector organisations!

5. A variety of approved choices. Although travel, meetings and events frameworks offer standardised terms, there isn't just one framework for public sector organisations to choose from. Different frameworks can come with their own terms and SLAs that could prove to be a better fit for one organisation than another. Importantly, they all bring the buying power, due diligence, suppliers with industry experience and the ability to direct award. We're unique in the world of public sector frameworks.

No other TMC appears on both Lot 1 (UK travel booking solutions) and Lot 4 of the Crown Commercial Services RM6217 Framework. It means we're trusted to offer a single-source solution for public sector travel, venue find and events requirements. Added to that, we're also one of only three suppliers on the KCS Procurement Services framework for travel, meetings and events so we can offer customers a choice of terms to meet their unique objectives.

Want to know more about frameworks? Get in touch to find out how we can save time and costs on the entire procurement process.

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