14 day event for Climate Action Solution Centre

We were tasked by National Grid, one of the principal partners of the COP26 summit, to provide the complete onsite support for the Climate Action Solution Centre (CASC) event they were running alongside the high-profile conference.

Team Brighter
December 1, 2022
5 Mins
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Team Brighter


Prior to the event, the team built a registration website and National Grid booked the Blair Estate, a luxury country home in Ayrshire that follows Green Tourism’s sustainable tourism certification programme, as the exclusive-use venue for the 14-day CASC event.

As this venue is not typically hired for large-scale conferences, the team had to source additional toilets and cover, convert dining rooms into plenary rooms and catering space, and turn bedrooms into security control rooms. Even the bedrooms had to be stocked with toiletries and coffee machines. To ensure sufficient internet provision, a wi-fi mast was built and there were extensive AV requirements. It was all hands-on-deck and the team sourced lateral flow tests, liaised with the venue for sustainable catering and bought -in alcohol, all of which is normally undertaken by a conference venue.

During this time, our team had to be responsible for all of the on-site operations, balancing all of the constantly moving parts and last-minute requests, whilst keeping the venue, customer and sponsors happy. To transport delegates in the most sustainable way possible, electric coaches were sourced as well as a fleet of sponsored EV’s (iD3’s provided by Volkswagen) to perform the 50-mile round trip between COP26 in Glasgow and the CASC venue. The venue had to be prepared for this, so 10 electric charging points were built by Electric Zoo and charging rotations were managed to ensure all vehicles were ready.

There were different events taking place on different days with different sponsors and attendees to register and cater for. This created many logistical challenges, so the team had to be flexible to the ever-changing requirements as well as the security protocols of their high-profile guests. Taking on different roles throughout the day, from receptionist and concierge to transportation and stock controller, the site team worked long hours and remained agile throughout.

Sarah and Alex were absolutely fabulous throughout. Sarah had a lot of challenges and uncertainty to deal with but kept her calm throughout and carried on regardless. Alex was the same too, from the moment she joined and always smiling from ear to ear throughout the countless issues and frustrations.

Daisy was awesome on site and slipped right into the rhythm of things without any questions. She had no idea what was coming, just like the rest of us but always answered the phone with a smile on her face, no matter when I called.
On top of CASC, all three helped we out with other bits and bobs throughout the two weeks without hesitation. Everyone on the ground who worked with them all commended their attitude to get things done and doing it with a smile - even other external contractors! They’re truly a credit  and I wouldn’t hesitate in having any of them work with me on anything again.
Group Planning Officer, National Grid


The small core team provided the all-encompassing on-site requirements, took their hand to anything, whether it was dealing with the logistics of the Children’s Fire Ceremony or 1am requests for tea.

This teamwork and agility did not go unnoticed by our customers:

“I want to say thank you so much for your endless help and absolutely flawless organisational skills to pull off all the events at Blair today. Hard to imagine you have these things going on every single day – what a feat. Really appreciate your responsiveness and patience as some pieces came together at the final hour.”
Principal Program Manager, National Grid.

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