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You need to ensure your attendees, from wherever they may be in the world, arrive safe and sound, ready to get the most out of their visit.

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March 11, 2024
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Of course, delivering a conference or event is only part of it.

You need to ensure your attendees, from wherever they may be in the world, arrive safe and sound, ready to get the most out of their visit.

One of the UK’s leading organisers of meetings and events, we have the expertise and buying power to manage the most complex of travel arrangements.

We ensure your travellers’ safety, as well as making sure you get the best possible deals.

Our group travel team can take care of everything you need when attending an event with 10 or more people – whether it be booking flights, accommodation, meeting rooms or transportation.

Below are a few examples of how we helped our clients…

Major car company:

We enabled more than 600 staff to fly out to Barcelona this year to attend a training course on a rotation basis. All travelling out in January, we worked with the team on logistics to ensure all staff were able to attend the sessions. These sessions overlapped so once they were finished, the delegates travelled home the same day before the next set of passengers flew out.

Healthcare professionals:

We help healthcare professionals book their travel to attend events throughout the world. Working alongside the pharmaceutical agencies we complement their work to ensure all travel and logistical requirements are met. Travel must be compliant to both the companies’ regulations and strict pharmaceutical guidelines which can change for each country. Each event can range from 50 to 500.

For example, we have three events that we started to book in January – one in Chicago (for 500 people), one in Malaysia in May (for 260 people) and one in Copenhagen in June (for 400 people).

These healthcare professionals and key speakers travel from across the world including Australia, India, South America to attend these events.

University client:

We helped this client last year as a pilot for starting back after Covid. The requirements were to get 135 youths (aged 13 and 14) and 17 staff to Beijing - all on the same day.

We booked three flights and split these by school to make sure the relevant staff and students were together. Then we had one flight cancellation three weeks prior to departure but were able to rebook all passengers affected on an alternative flight the same day.

The 2024 project is on a much larger scale where we are booking for between 1,400 and 1,600 passengers (a mix of students and staff) to 10 different destinations in China over a period of nine days, ensuring each group is there for the same duration.

Where each destination has multiple departure dates, we have arranged for these to be consecutive to allow for staggered arrivals.

Many of the destinations are using the same transit airport so we had to be mindful of the capacities when allocating the internal connecting flights to ensure we had the maximum number of passengers on each aircraft on each day.

Each destination booking is then split by school to ensure simplified seating allocation and check-in due to the accompanying staff needing to be with their students.

Above are just a few examples of how our team has successfully helped our clients.

Whether it’s sourcing a venue, helping organise an event, or ensuring people get to a destination, our team is ready to help.

In the UK, or anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter what your requirements are, we can make things happen.

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