Three day event was a huge success from start to finish

We’ve worked alongside our customer, a leading beauty retailer, on their company conference since it began in 2016 with each event proving to be hugely successful. Our role for this specific event is mainly carrying out pre-event work, looking after delegate registration and sourcing external suppliers. Our Event Managers also provide on-site support to manage the logistics on the “Live days”.

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December 2, 2020
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Purpose of the event

This annual event is run specifically for employees of the brand who work within the stores. The day includes a review of the past year and an update on where the company aims to be in the year to come, and how they envisage getting there.

The conference is also an opportunity to launch and provide a full introduction of any new products to all 500 attendees. By displaying the new range around the perimeter of the room, employees had the chance to learn about, and familiarise themselves with the products before they get to the shop floor. The three-day event provides the opportunity for in-person networking and engagement with the brand whilst having a glass of champagne and being gifted a goody bag.

Our approach.

Every year we begin the planning of the event with a call to our customer, establishing the requirements they’d like to fulfil this year that may differ to previous years. On this occasion, we were more heavily involved in the pre-event logistics, which are outlined below in more detail:  

Venue Sourcing

We enquired about several suitable venues across the Midlands which was our customers preferred location due to logistics.

Delegate Management  

Once we had sourced the venue, confirmed and contracted, pre-event logistics began. We sent our invites to delegates and created a website for them to register their attendance to the event. From the website we were able to manage accommodation requirements, along with health & safety and dietary needs. We regularly sent reports to our customer to ensure they had sight of the number of delegates for each day.

On site Event Management  

Two of our event managers attended the event to ensure everything ran smoothly on the day. They managed the delegate registration, communication with the venue for any specific customer requests, monitored delegate movement during refreshment and lunch breaks and were on hand for any emergencies (thankfully there were none!)


The three event days were a huge success from start to finish. The set-up looked fantastic with the stage at the front and our customers products displayed beautifully on the table tops around the perimeter of the room. The logistics of the event worked extremely well with the registration, catering and main event space being in close proximity.

Timings ran ahead on the first day, which we managed well through our communication with the customer and the venue. This was then smoothed out for days two and three. The food the venue provided had brilliant feedback, they never ran out and they accommodated for any dietary requirements extremely well.

In previous years accommodation was spread over two or three different hotels, however for this year’s event we were able to secure all accommodation within the venue the event was taking place. This created a much simpler delegate experience for those traveling a long distance and requiring accommodation.

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